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We are a specialist Medical practice, so we are open. We want to keep our patients safe during the coronavirus outbreak and we are taking the following precautions:

1. We will be increasing our TeleHealth consults: over Skype, Messenger or WhatsApp. This means that most of the consultation can be done over the internet. You will only need to come in for a physical examination if you decide to go ahead with he procedure. 2. We will stagger our consultations to minimise the number of people in our waiting room. 3. We have surgical masks for you to wear whilst on our premises. 4. All our staff wear surgical masks. 5. We disinfect all common areas with hospital grade disinfectant. 6. We have hand sanitiser for you to use freely whilst in our practice.

Dr. Mark Kohout Is A Fully Trained Plastic Surgeon With 18 Years Experience In Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Kohout trained in plastic surgery for a total of 6 years in Great Britain, Australia and the United States.

Whilst training in Great Britain, Dr. Kohout earned fellowships of two prestigious surgical colleges and was admitted as Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) in 1996. He also spent a year conducting microsurgical research which earned him a Master of Surgery Degree from Melbourne University. After Plastic Surgery training, Dr. Kohout went on to specialty training at Harvard Medical School.

He started his own plastic surgery practice which is now in its current location on Sydney’s Broadway.

Dr. Kohout has lectured in plastic surgery at international meetings and has published scientific papers in the field. He is also a regular contributor to the Cosmetic surgery magazine as well as popular media. Dr. Kohout has appeared on several TV programmes and documentaries about plastic surgery.





Breast Procedures


Breast Surgery in Sydney with Dr. Mark Kohout

Ifyou’re thinking about getting breast surgery in Sydney, the heavy terminology and technical language can be a lot to wrap your head around. Typically, there are six types of procedures concerned with breast surgery, which we’ve outlined below.

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Body procedures


Significant weight loss, pregnancy and ageing are often not kind to our bodies. Almost all areas can be affected by loss of elasticity, sagging, drooping, stretchmarks and the loss of shapely contours. Body contouring can restore your shape and tighten and lift areas affected by weight changes, pregnancy and ageing.

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Is your vagina giving you discomfort, or are you unhappy with the way it looks?

You probably don’t talk about your vagina very often, and you might never have really seen one other than your own. But we’re becoming more comfortable with baring all for hair removal techniques, PAP smears and gynaecologists, and may be curious about what’s “normal” or having a particular look. The web gives us access to pictures and information, and as a result genital plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular.

There are several common problems that can make a vagina uncomfortable, or cause you to feel embarrassed:

Your inner labia protrude outside your outer labia

Your labia are misshapen, irregular or not symmetrical

Your labia have changed appearance with childbirth

Your vaginal canal has stretched with childbirth or age and feels loose.

Some women consider surgery because of aesthetic or cosmetic reasons – their labia may be visible through swimwear or underwear, or the appearance of their vagina might make them feel embarrassed or lacking confidence during sex, particularly with a new partner.

Dr Mark Kohout offers different types of vaginal surgery at his Sydney clinic;

If you are unsure about whether any of these procedures can relieve your concerns, see the photo gallery for examples of Dr Kohout’s surgery on satisfied clients in Sydney.

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Face Procedures


Many patients feel young, but don’t feel this is reflected in the way their face is aging. Gravity and the elements take a toll on us all, making us look older than we feel. Often, we hear concerns about the following issues:


Loose neck skin

Droopy upper eyelids

Baggy and loose lower eyelids

Patients may be toying with the idea of plastic surgery, but find themselves worried about ending up with an unnatural, ‘pulled’ look. We hear these concerns repeatedly, but these overdone results are a thing of the past. The primary emphasis in modern surgery is on a natural-looking, rejuvenated look, rather than tightness of the skin. We also focus on balance, ensuring that one section of your face doesn’t appear a different age to another. Some of the following procedures can be combined to produce the best, most natural results.


Upper and/or lower eyelid reduction

Facelift and/or necklift

Skin resurfacing

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